Mar 15, 2011

Terrible news from Japan④ "The biggest earthquake"

Hello, this is Takeuchi from the Shinjuku business garden.

I would like to pick up the biggest earthquake Japan has ever had as this week's topic.
When the earthquake hit Japan last Friday, I was at work. The glass of window was making creaky sounds and the ceiling was shaking suddenly.

I went out of the office building with panic because I have never experienced that huge earthquake before.
In the business garden, some items on the wall dropped, but there were no injured customers fortunately.

On the other hand, the fire and the tsunami occurred in Tohoku area, after the big shake of M9.
Entire town collapsed in some parts, and there are many people who have to be away from their home town due to the troubles of the nuclear power plants.

There are various influences such as the delay of train services due to scheduled blackout.
Also, in super market, we do not have many goods due to the delay of distribution in various places of eastern part of Japan.

Everyone is facing challenges after having such a natural disaster on top of economic downturn affecting our daily lives already.

However, I think our individual strength is challenged in such difficult times. I firmly believe that Japanese citizen can cooperate each other and accomplish the revival plan of Japan to the level that we can be proud of ourselves to the world.

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