Mar 1, 2011

Interesting news from Japan② "Tokyo marathon"

The biggest citizens’ marathon in Japan called "Tokyo marathon" was held on last Sunday. About 36000 runners ran through Tokyo metropolitan area.

This is fifth time for Tokyo marathon to be held and the number of applicants is increasing every year. It is getting difficult to win the ticket to run in this event and ticket is now even called as "platinum ticket".

Volunteer stuff are supporting this rally. They are working at the runner's reception, preparing for the water supply, and keeping luggage. Applying for volunteer for this event itself is also popular and the number of volunteer staff had already reached 10,000 on the next day of the application beginning.

Tokyo marathon is also very international. About 2,800 foreigners participated in this rally. The large-scale city marathon running through the tourist spots of Tokyo, is evaluated high among world wide marathon events and it is getting popular among a lot of foreigners.

Starting with the Tokyo marathon, and similar event in Nara on December of last year, other cities are also planning marathon events such as Osaka on this October and Kobe on this November. Kyoto and Chiba are also planning similar events in the next year.

I hope that these rallies will increase marathon population and at the same time those events will attract more tourists and business to each region in Japan.

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