Mar 22, 2011

Interesting news from Japan⑤ "Disaster volunteer"

Hello, this is Takeuchi from Shimbashi business garden.

I would like to pick up the news on the earthquake this week as well.

I firmly believe that it's not only me who feel very sad whenever we watch and hear a terrible situation in the news on the earthquake and would like to do something for those people who has lost their families and houses.

"Disaster volunteer" is getting attention these days.
Disaster volunteers support the disaster victims, distribute foods for those in need, and sort rescue supplies.

Actually, at this moment, those areas in disaster is not ready yet to accept volunteers. Thus, it is not easy participate to disaster volunteer.
However, I understand that it will be ready after a while.

"Language volunteer for the disaster" is also one of these volunteers.

Collecting information needed and surviving in disaster is very difficult for the foreigners who does not understand Japanese in detail, are not familiar with the living area and the knowledge of disaster.
These language volunteers use their strong languages ability in affected area and support foreigners.

The following site contains the information on the emergency in multiple languages.
So please check it out!
Recently, whenever I hear the story that the foreigners going back to their mother countries, I wonder if anything I can do to help them.
I understand the feeling of those who feel uneasy when they watch shocking pictures from the affected areas.

I hope we can get over this difficulty together with helping each other in Japan!

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