Feb 16, 2011

Snow in Japan

We had sudden heavy snow in Tokyo this week.
When we have heavy snow in Tokyo, we tends to worry if the transportation in Tokyo metropolitan area suffers major delay rather than feeling happy with enjoying snow.
By the way, I want to introduce my experience of enjoying snow in a little bit unusual way in Minakami city of Gunma prefecture. It is called Snow Shoe.

The snow shoe is the activity of walking on snow with special equipment look like a short board on the bottom of your shoe. It's very strange feeling for me since it was really easy to walk on the snow with the snow shoe. I enjoyed a lot with not only walking on snow but also seeing the pillar of ice in the cave, and sliding over the snow on a sled.

There are many instructors and tourists from various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil in the tour meeting place, which has lodge as well as bar.
Looking at people enjoying drinking and chatting in the bar of the tour center at the night, I felt like that the atmosphere was not like Japan.

Recently, the snow mountain in Japan seems to be popular among foreign tourists.
The number of foreign tourists visit Japan to enjoy snow mountains is increasing. They enjoy, at the same time, the traditional tourist destinations like hot spa and visiting temple.

There are many wonderful nature spots in Japan that Japanese have not recognized yet.
We would like to appeal those nature of Japan to the world in addition to other popular sightseeing spots!

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