Feb 26, 2011

Japanese Pub - Izakaya ②

Last week I gave an introduction of Izakaya, today I would like to talk about one of my favourite Izakaya in this blog - Hana no Mai (はなの舞).

Hana no Mai is a Japanese Izakaya dedicated to seafood. Their main aim is to supply fresh fish and other seafood every day for you to enjoy with a nice pint of beer, or some Japanese Sake. The seafood in this pub comes from all over Japan every day. If you are a regular customer, you'll be able to enjoy the seasonal seafood which has a limited supplying period. This is also one of the best selling points of Hana No Mai.

When I went there last autumn around October, I was able to enjoy the fresh raw oyster they had as the seasonal seafood there at that time. The oysters were fresh, big and juicy, whatsmore is that the price is also normally pretty reasonable!

Apart from the fresh seafood menu you can enjoy at Hana no Mai, such as Sashimi (raw fish pieces), Sushi, shellfish Sashimi, raw seafood salads, grilled seanal fish, octupus balls, seafood pizza, etc, they also have a solid menu for other types of dishes. Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), pickled vegetables, tofu dishes, all sorts of salads, cheese omelltte, sausages and chips, pizzas, rice and noodle dishes, icecream, and so on. If you're curious about new adventure of food, try their pieces of raw horse meat. The variety of their dishes will impress you, the price of them will make you want go back again very soon.

Why not having a pint of your favourite lager and some indulgent beer snacks? Or fancy a glass of colourful cocktail with some elegant raw fish pieces? Come and find out what the Japanese eat for socializing. If you want to live in Japan long term and start your own business, Business Garden is always there for you!

In my next blog, I'm going to talk about the most popular low price morden Izakaya in Japan at the moment - Kin no Kura (金の蔵). Don't miss it!

Japanese Pub - Izakaya ①


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