Feb 18, 2011

Japanese Pub - Izakaya ①

In Japan, Social life after work is one of the key points to success business and good relationships. From this blog, I will be telling you about the most typical places where Japanese people use for socializing, the Izakaya.

Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment (like a pub) which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than that offered in other types of drinking establishments in Japan such as bars or snack bars.

They are popular, casual places for after-work drinking. Most of them open from 5pm to 5am. Depending on the izakaya, customers sit on tatami mats and dine from low tables in the traditional Japanese style, or sit on chairs and drink/dine from tables. Many izakaya offer a choice of both, as well as seating by the bar.

Usually, you will be given an oshibori (wet towel) to clean your hands with; next an otōshi (a tiny snack/an appetizer) will be served. This is local custom and usually charged onto the bill as an entry fee.

The menu may be on the table, or displayed on walls. Picture menus are common in larger izakaya. Food and drink are ordered throughout the course of the session as desired. They are brought to the table, and the bill is added up at the end of the session. Unlike other Japanese styles of eating, food items are usually shared by everyone at the table.

In my next blog, I will talk about one of my favourite izakaya - Hana no mai (はなの舞), a seafood pub. If you are interested in this izakaya topic, please look forward to the next one!


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