Feb 9, 2011

Are you interested in making your own business cards?

What's necessary to start your own business?
Yes, business cards.
The useful item with which others can get to know you and contact you.

Are you interested in making your own business cards?
If so, I will recommend the business card shop which our company associated with.
In Japan, exchanging business cards is the first step to a good relationship.
When we meet some one for business, we always exchange our business cards.
This business card shop " K-1 PRINT " can support your life and business in Japan.
They have a large number of templates for you to choose from.
But if you like, they also print business cards with your own design.

A impressive and eye-catching business card makes you outstanding among your competitors.
It's a gate to success!
When you establish your corporate, make sure you remember to make your unique business cards.

And of course, don't forget to visit our Shinjuku Business Garden which is in the same building of K-1 PRINT.
How convenient!


Shinjuku Business Garden:
Tel: 03-6890-1111

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