Feb 9, 2011

Coming to Japan for study and work

I would like to talk about coming to Japan for study and work, as I was previously involved with Japanese education for foreign students as well as helping them to find jobs in Japan.

Most of foreign students in Japan are from China or Korea, but the number of students from Vietnam or Thailand also has been increasing recently.Students from other countries also come to study in Japan, but it seems that most of students are from Asia because they have future jobs in mind, and they think that the economic ties between Japan and Asian countries is very strong and studying in japan will help them to find jobs.

However, it is changing recently.
It is getting more expensive to come and study in japan due to recent strong Japanese yen.But furthermore, they tend to think that getting a job in Japan is not easy even if they study Japanese hard.

It is often said that Japanese companies are very domestic and not open for foreign workers.But in these days, they are looking for non Japanese workers more aggressively rather than Japanese if a person has excellent skills.This is because Japanese companies have to go out to the world, to win in recent competitive global markets.

The number of foreigners who want to establish their own business after graduating university in Japan is also gradually increasing recently.

I hope many people come to Japan to become the cross cultural bridge between Japan and their home country !

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