Feb 4, 2011

Go for the challenge!

At Business Garden, we have customers from many countries, US, Britain, France, Nigeria, South Korea, China, etc. Every one here is our much valued customer, and we are trying our best to help them with every little thing at a flexible manner. Because we believe that your success needs our support, and our success needs your support at the same time.

Many people from other countries worry about where to stay in Japan before even coming here. No problem, the companies we are associated with 'Sakura House' and 'Sakura Hotel' can help you solving it before you arrive in Japan.
'Sakura House':
'Sakura Hotel':

Some people might have fear of Japanese food. We eat many things as well as Sushi! It is possible for you to enjoy oriental food (Chinese), Asian food (Indian), European food (French, Italian) , American (hambergers) or Mexican. People from all continents could enjoy food and be more satisfied than they ever imagined in Japan. If you are interested in this subject, we will elaborate it more in our future blogs.

Whether it is the price, the weather or the language you are afraid of, we can help you with most of things here in order to support your business and expand your joy of staying in Japan. Just give us a call or drop in, we are always here to help! Join us for the challenge!

Business Garden:
Tel: +81-3-6890-1111

p.s. It's spring now in Japan from today! The weather is getting warmer and I can already smell the lovely Sakura (cherry blossom). Sakura in the sun makes such a beautiful picture which you can only feel with your own eyes.


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