Oct 24, 2013

Katana -Japanese Swords-


This is Ryoko from Yostuya Business Garden.

Today, I introduce you Japanese swords that my father has.
He takes lessons in "iai", the art of drawing swords.
These swords are the ones he was given from his master.

The one with the black hilt is for the practice.
Cheaper than the other one.
The one with the light brow hilt is very valuable and a kind of curio.
It was made in Ansei Period(from 1854 to 1860).
The name is "備前長舟裕包 Bizen Osafune Sukekane".

Can you see the snaky lines near the edge of a blade?
This is very sophisticated work of sword-smith, so the one for
practice doesn't have it.

They can easily cut off your arms with no power but gravity.
I felt so scared to see close at hand.

This is the edge of the hilt.
The dragonfly is carved.
Can you guess what this is stand for?

The answer is because the dragonfly is the insects of VICTORY!
Symbols are so important for Samurai.
Isn't this really interesting?

Curio one has this engraving. 
Probably, this also has the important meaning, but my father didn't know.I need to study more! See you on next Thursday.


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