Oct 5, 2013

Japanese Temple Wedding

Hello, this is Meg from Business Garden Yotsuya Annex.
One of my cousins got married last Sunday at Toyama.
He is a Buddhist monk, his family runs Joudo- shinshu Temple.
I attended their wedding ceremony of Buddhism way.
Actually, I had attended in his parent's wedding ceremony at the same place about 30 years ago.
I think it was very happy!
A beautiful bride with Japanese traditional kimono entered  the front gate of the temple.
Japanese traditional drums and transverse flute for celebrate
Mochi-tuki (rice cake making ceremony)by a groom and a bride 
Mochi-maki, it is a traditional ceremony of the wedding of Hokuriku area.
Many participants had fun to catch Mochis the main monk of the temple had been thrown.
When I was child, I had have fun to take part in Mochi-maki.






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