Oct 10, 2013

Factory Festival inTsubame-Sanjyo of Nigata

Hello, this is Meg from BusinessGarden Yotsuya Annex.

Do you know Tsubame -Sanjyo wonderful products?
In this area, there are many professional handcraft workers.
They have high level skills of making iron products. For example, knifes, Japanese kitchen Knives, many farm equipments, nail-scissors.

There are many fans of their products, some people are waiting the accomplish of the products for two years.
Many products are exported abroad.

I am glad to hear that.
I am very proud of these professional Japanese workers!

They was held Factory Festival in Tsubame-Sanjyo of Nigata on from October 2nd to 6th.
During festival time, you can watch their making products very nearby.
And at Any time you can watch the factories by in advance applications.

I would like to go to this festival next year!

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