Oct 30, 2013

A new type convenience store has opened at Yotsuya.

Hello, this is Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.

Yesterday, near Yotsuya station, I found a new concept convenience store opened, it was that Familymart was joined to the drug store 'kusuri no Higuchi'

I've never seen that type of Familymart,
but Familymart has joined the tie-up with 'kusuri no Higuchi' since May 2012.
Their first shop was at Awaji-cho.

They are having an opening sale now,
I was received a coupon in front of a store this morning for saving 100yen from your receipt.

A  comedian came and did a tennis player Nishikori!
(I got his permission for his picture on our website.)

Let's go to a new convenience store.

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