Sep 13, 2013

Shimbashi,Tranomon area

this is Tomoko from Shimbashi Business Garden.

On my way to work from Shimbashi station,I often hit the road construction. Even here Shimbashi is downtown Tokyo,there're many roads and buildings under construction. 
If you walk around Shimbashi area,you may see the super-high building like this photo.

That building,Tranomon Hills,will be open next year. 
I read the news that Tranomon hills will be the second-tallest building Tokyo. A luxury hotel,offices,and some shops will be open in that building. 
You can go that high-rise building on foot from our office "Shimbashi Business Garden". Shimbashi Business Garden's building is not new and tall,but it is located at very convenient area. How about visiting us for a viewing? 

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