Sep 25, 2013

Grand Central Station

Hi, this is  Shibuya Business Garden.

It's finally getting cooler these days!

I like fall the most of all seasons.
It makes me want to go on a short trip to a new spot.

Grand Central Station in New York is one of the most well known
train terminal in the U.S.

During my stay, the station was under big construction.
I was using the station every day for going to school in mid town.
As the time goes by, the station was fully renewed like the picture below.

It was early in the morning that this picture was taken, only few people are around.

The station has the largest basement of any building in New York City.

Here is a little known secret of the station.

Did you know that you can play tennis in Grand Central?

It is so surprising Annex houses is a space for a tennis court that is open for public.
If you can get a reservation, you can play tennis there!

You can visit Bryant Park and New York Public Library which is next to the park.

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