Sep 27, 2013

Mail Box Service in TOKYO

this is Tomoko from Shimbashi Business Garden.

I'd like to blog about our Mail Box service today.

If you use our mail box service,you can use our address. We can receive your mail and keep them in our mail box.
You can visit our office to get your mail during opening hours. If you can't visit us,we can forward your mails.
We have two type of mail boxes,one is 5250yen per month and the other is 2625yen per month. 
If you're interested in using our services,please feel free to contact us. 

Have a nice weekend!

\\\ NEW OPEN Shinjuku Business Garden's 4th floor ! ///
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Please feel free to contact us!!


Shimbashi Business Garden

TEL : 03-3459-0233
FAX : 03-3459-0235

Office Hours
Weekdays : 9:00-20:00
Saturday,Sunday and Holidays : Closed

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