Sep 20, 2013

【Shimbashi Business Garden】 1 room available now!!!

Hello, everyone.
from tomorrow, we'll have three day weekends;)
What will you do? Where are you going??

In Shimbashi Business Garden, we have a room for one person:)
This room is 46,200 yen per month with telephone answering service.
Of course, you can rent the room for 37,000 per month without it.

If you need a telephone answering serivice, we can provide a special price for you!!
At present, you can rent this room for 42,000 yen. 

You can get a address with Minato-ward,
moreover, there are a lot of restaurants and Izakaya in Minato-ward area.
So, you have no shortage of eating space. Hahaha.

If you are interested in this room, please call at 03-3459-0233!
We are waiting for your calling.

Maiko Yamada
Shimbashi Business Garden5-25-1 Shimbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo,105-0004 Japan
TEL 03-3459-0233FAX 03-3459-0235
- Office Hours -Weekdays 9:00~20:00
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