Sep 10, 2013


Hello everyone! This is Takashima.

It's been a little cooler these days, and the fall might be just around the corner... !?

I've been working at several locations as usual, and I'd like to introduce a good deal at Yotsuya Business Garden today!

At Yotsuya Business Garden, there is an office space available on campaign for one person at only 42,500 yen per month!

The price includes the rent for a furnished booth with a desk, a chair, a phone, and a cabinet with a lock, electricity, the internet, a cleaning service for common spaces, a phone receiving service, and a  mail receiving service!

Plus, the room is located on the second floor where the staff are on-site, and it also has a window!: )

Yotsuya Business Garden is located in a 5-minute walking distance from Yotsuya station, and the area is very convenient yet quiet! What else can we expect?!

If you're interested, please just give us a call at 03-3358-1913 or contact us from the website!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! : )

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