Aug 20, 2013

Website store ’Tohoku-bokujyo’

Do you like to eat vegetables?
I  like to eat fresh tomatoes and asparagus in summer !

I would like to share the information of our group company, Tohoku-bokujyo.
Tohoku-bokujyo is a website store for selling organic vegetables and special  eggs named 'Shindo-Fuji'.

'Shindo-Fuji Aotama have blue color, very fresh, very nutritious、and no agricultural chemicals!This blue color is beautiful!

Please check it on our website!


Business Garden Yotusya Annex
Tel 03-5366-4700 Fax 03-5366-4701(Out side of Japan : +81-3-5366-4700)

Office Hours

Weekdays 9:00-20:00
Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays : Closed

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