Aug 22, 2013

Night Walking Event


This is Ryoko from Yostuya Business Garden.

How was your weekend!?
I went to Komoro in Nagano prefecture on my summer holiday.

Komoro is famous for "Komoro soba noodle".

This soba noodle restaurant is well-known in Komoro and I had to wait in the long queue.

The reason why I came here is this!

I joined the walking event called "Asama Star Cross Walk 2013".
In this event, we climb the Mt. Asama up to the 2000m height.
We started at 7 o'clock at night and saw stars in the sky.

This time, almost 1200 people joined!

I chose to walk 17km course and it was quite hard.
It took me 4 hours to get to the goal.

I saw beautiful sunrise.

Near the goal, there was a hot spring!
It was great!!

Then, the second day in Komoro, I rode in a rickshaw the first time in my life.
He explained about the historical event of the place and the castle.

The view from the seat was like this!
It was very comfortable:)

See you on next Thursday!


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