Aug 6, 2013

Commonly used items in Japan ①Japanese fan

Hello, This is Meg from Business GardenYotsuya Annex.

I would like to tell you the some goods that Japanese people commonly use but I think they are not so often used in the other countries.

In summer, many Japanese people, especially older people, use the Japanese fan.In Japan, all regions except Hokkaido are very high humidity in summer, so we need to use fans

I have three Japanese fans, but usually I use a deep blue fan.

 The fans are very useful because you can fold and put into your bags or pockets when you are not using them.

This fan's patterns are similar to the traditional pattern in Okinawa, called 'Bingata' I love ‘Bingata’ very much, but I don't have a products printed on  the real Bingata  pattern because of the high price.

'Bingata' pattern was for the king and royal families in the Ryukyu age
Nowadays, many women wear the kimono of 'Bingata' pattern.

Anyway, Japanese fans are wonderful item, easy to carry, eco-friendly (not use electricity)!

Please try it!


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