May 13, 2013

My favorite restaurants in Tokyo ① Waketokuyama

Hello, this is Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.
I like to go to eat something delicious in all kinds of foods.
I think I am so happy to live in Tokyo because there are many nice restaurants and there are gathered many types of restaurants from all over the world!

Do you know how many Michelin's stars restaurants are there in Tokyo?
The answer is that One star are 14、Two stars are 53, Three stars are 175, total are 242. So nice!
These restaurants will be very good,  but they are so expensive for me.
I cannot go to them frequently.

Anyway,  in this blogs,  I introduce my favorite several restaurants in Tokyo.
These beautiful dishes are Japanese boxed lunch in Waketokuyama restaurant of the hotel intercontinental Tokyo bay!

I think they got the Michelin's three stars in 2007, but now they were lost.

At dinner time, this restaurant is very expensive, maybe in more than 20,000yen, but at lunch time, you can enjoy the dishes under 5000 yen!

They have three restaurants in Tokyo;  the locations are in Takebashi (this hotel)
, Iikura and  the Shinjyuku- Isetan.

These are very delicious!
I really would like to go again!


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