May 20, 2013

My favorite restaurants in Tokyo ② French Sac

Hello, this is Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.

Which towns do you like best in Tokyo?
I like Kichijyoji!  I have loved to go to Kichijyouji since when I was High school student.
And my university was in Kichijyoji, I have a lot of good memories about Kichijyoji.
Actually my first date was in Kichijyoji.

Now, I introduce you French restaurant near the south exit of Kichijyoji Station.

The name of restaurant is French Sac.

This is the first dish as appetizers.

The second dish is fish with some arranged potatoes.

My sister took me there.
She loves to research nice restaurants always by Internet.
Sometimes her choice is very good, but sometimes no good, but we have enjoyed this bet.

French Sac is very delicious, but it is not expensive.
Please try this restaurant!


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