May 15, 2013

Imported grocery store

Hi, how are you?
This is Shibuya Business Garden.

Have you been to imported grocery stores in Japan?
I bet most of you have and think of Costco.

There are smaller stores compare to Costco such as Kaldi,
Seijo ishii, and so on.
They are located near train stations which is pretty useful to
those who don't drive to go to Costco.

There is a unique one in Kichijoji, Carnival.
They mainly have American kitchen items, coffee beans, cheese,
hams, wine, and Asian food.

Though this small store is not one of chain stores such as Kaldi nor
located in near station, it is always clouded by many shoppers.

What's different is that they have mall deli inside of the store.
Unlike Dean&Deluca, it is more like home made taste.
No eating space inside but you can take out.

This small store reminds me of the grocery stores owned by
Chinese or Koreans in Manhattan.
You don't see them these days.... I guess most of them are gone
as the price of real estate goes up in Manhattan.

If you have a chance to visit Kichijoji, check this store out.


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