Nov 21, 2012

Sushi Lunch in Shibuya  

Hi, everyone! How are you?
This is Shibuya Business Garden.

It is getting colder these days, isn't it?
Finally winter has come:)

I went out for lunch and had sushi.
和泉鮨 is just across the road from Shibuya Business Garden!

skipjack(bonito), mackerel, young yellowtail, tuna,
northern pink shrimp, salmon roe, and egg.


Here is a teacup that you see in almost any sushi restaurant.
All the past prime ministers of Japan are printed on.

There are some foreign people enjoying their sushi lunch:)
When stopping by Shibuya Business Garden around lunch time,
why don't you tasty have sushi?

Shibuya Business Garden
TEL: 03-6892-1111
FAX: 03-6892-1151
Office Hours
Weekdays: 9:00 to 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 14:00
Sunday and Holidays: closed

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