Nov 26, 2012

Let's study "Japanese custom"! -Christmas!-

Hello, This is Yuki @ Shinjuku Business Garden.

How was your weekend?
I went to Hakone where very famous with Onsen(Hot spring)!
I enjoyed Rotenburo(outside hot spring) with beautiful autumn colored leaves.
(Sorry, I couldn't take picture of it!)

Well, I started writing about Japanese custom as a new series.
The first one I wrote was "Year-end gift-giving tradition.
Today, I will write about the event which will be coming in 1 month!

We do celebrate Christmas in Japan, too!
For most of Japanese, I won't say all of us, Christmas is not a
religious event. Christmas is rather as a fun event spend with family or

Of course there are many different ways of celebrating Christmas,
but most popular way(I believe..) is...

Since Christmas eve is the most important day for Japanese people,
people celebrate with cake and present on that day!
Restaurants and hotels are also fully booked on the Christmas eve! .

For Japanese kids, they believe that Santa is bringing the presents while they are sleeping.
So, their parents put the presents by kids' bed on the Christmas eve night!
Then kids will find the present on the Christmas morning!

Hope everyone's Christmas this year will be the wonderful one!


Let's study "Japanese custom"! series
No.1 -Year-end gift -giving tradition-

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