Nov 19, 2012

Let's study "Japanese custom"! -Year-end gift -giving tradition-

Hello, This is Yuki @ Shinjuku Business Garden!

How are you?
It suddenly got very cold in Tokyo!
I feel like we skipped Autumn and got into Winter....
Well, I love winter aside from coldness, I love Christmas, New years event, and SNOW!

As the new series of my blog, I would like write about the Japanese Custom!
I'm sure it will give the little tip to the foreign people who live in Japan!

The first custom I will introduce is...."Year-end gift-giving tradition".
It is called "Oseibo"(お歳暮) in Japanese.

Oseibo is the custom which people present gifts to show their gratitude for the favors
they received during the year.

Oseibo is usually given around mid-December. People usually give
beer, coffee and local foods as a Oseibo gifts.

We do this in the summer time too and we call it "Ochugen"(お中元).

If you live in Japan and wanna show your gratitude to someone,
Oseibo will be a good chance to send the little present!

See you next week!


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