May 22, 2012

Tama river cycling course

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

Do you like cycling?
My long lasted idea about bicycle was not so much for a sport as for a transportation.
I used to commute to and from school by bicycle when I was in a jr. high school.
And if you live alone in a big city such as Tokyo, you practically don't need a car,
just owing a car would cost you a fortune. It is a different story when you have family though.
So if you go somewhere and your destination is not suitable for a bus ride or train ride,
 you usually use a bicycle as a convenient transportation.

But  I have found out lately there are so many people who enjoy cycling as sport and hobby.
I happen to live close to the Tama river and the riverside is very famous for cycling.
There is a 50 km cycling course along the Tama river.

Weather was great on last Saturday, and perfect day for a long cycling with newly bought bike.
So many people were enjoying cycling there as well and water in the river was amazingly crystal clear.

Why don't you try the cycling course?
It's such a nice way to enjoy your free time and maybe you would find yourself in better shape
after some rounds to boot!

Hope you have a smooth week.

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