May 24, 2012

Japanese home cooking  ① Grilling Abura-age with whitebaits and green onion

Hello, I am Meg from Yotsuya BuisinessGarden.
I would like to introduce some Japanese style home cooked meal.
Since I have married, almost every day I have cooked for my family.
However, I cannot take much time to cook, comparing to full-time housewife.

My dishes are very simple to cook, but tasty!
This is grilling Abura-age with whitebaits and green onion.

One of my friends taught me this way at her home party.

Firstly, grille Abura-age on both sides
Secondly, put whitebaits and green onion on
Thirdly, sprinkle with soy sauce

The most important thing is to choose the good Abura-age,
If you have a chance, please get good Abura-age in handmade tofu store and try it!


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