May 31, 2012

Japanese home cooking  ②‘Neva-Neva salad’

Hello, I am Meg from YotsuyaBusinessGarden.

One of my favorite salads is ‘Neva-Neva salad’.
‘Neva-Neva’ means gooey. This salad is made of gooey vegetables.

It is made of okra and nagaimo yam, which are topped with mitsuba and myouga.
Sometimes I add mozuku (kind of sea wood) in.
They are  tasty, because each different texture.
‘Neva-Neva’ food is known to be good for your  health.
It is said that they effects to lower the blood cholesterol level.

I like to eat  ‘Neva-Neva salad' , especially in hot season !


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