Nov 10, 2011

Restaurants near Yotsuya Business Garden ③ char- grilled fish restaurant 'Sakamoto'

I am Meg in Yotsuya Business Garden.
I'll introduce you to quite a new restaurant in Yotsuya.
The restaurant’s name is ‘Sakamoto’. Their main menu are char- grilled fishes.

The location is 2 doors away from Lawson on Sanei-dori.
Did you notice that the first floor of the building had renovation work?
It was ‘Sakamoto’. This renovation work had delayed because of the lack of the materials by Higashinion earthquakes had happened.

This is a set menu of char- grilled fish ‘Gin-Mutsu’ which is recommended by the owner of the restaurant.

They have set menus with several kinds of grilled fishes.

When I went to this restaurant, their menus were Pacific saurys, salmons, and mackeres.
This restaurant has mainly counter sheets, but they have a big electric ventilating fan, so I didn’t mind the smoke and smell.

The fish restaurant on Shinmichi-dori is also good, but I am bothered by lots of smoke and smell.
I am most pleased by with the plenty of Daikon Oroshi, and furthermore free refills of Daikon Oroshi.
Daikon Oroshi has a lot of enzyme, so I would like to eat it.

Hot cooked rice and miso soup with freshwater clam were also tasty!
If you want to eat a seasonal grilled fish, I recommend you this restaurant.


Yotsuya Business Garden
8-37 Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
160-0008 Japan
TEL  03-3358-1913
FAX 03-3358-1914
(Outside of Japan: +81-3-3358-1913)

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Weekdays 9:00~20:00
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