Nov 13, 2011

 Hello, Hi, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.
Suddenly it's get really cold, so it's hard to get out of bed
The Tokyo Disneyland Christmas parade's started on November 7.
Illuminations lighting ceremony are now started in many parts of Japan.
Christmas illuminations has begun this year in a power saving effect of the earthquake,
A community to realize the local consumption of energy.

They are decorated the cherry trees along the Meguro River with original cherry color
LED bulbs for 156,000 around the "Gotanda Freai Muzube Hiroba, and it's produced
"Winter cherry" by " Meguro River Everyone's Illuminations 2011".
This year, recycled cooking oil into biodi
esel fuel used in the area were collected and
used as fuel for the generator. Self-generation of renewable energy by 100%, we aim to
illuminate the illumination of all that.

"Winter Cherry Illimination"
Date: Nov.18 (Fri) to Dec.25 (Sun) 17:00~22:00
Illumination lighting ceremony : Novemver 18.
Venue: Gotanda Freai Muzube Hiroba ( 6 mimutes on foot from Gotanda station)

I would like to go to the Meguro River to see the beautiful cherrys.

Shinjuku Business Garden,

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