Nov 15, 2011

Interesting Japanese custom Vol.24 "Cosplay in Japan"

Hi, I'm Takeuchi from the Shimbashi Business Garden. 

In Japan, anime, games, comics, etc. are popular in young generation's culture.
Imitating the character's clothes and actions is getting popular.
It is called cosplay (costume play).
The number of persons who participate in cosplay is increasing year by year.

Akihabara is a Japanese cosplayer's holy place.
Many cosplayers can be seen in Akihabara like in restaurants, shops and so on.

Now, cosplay is not only very popular in Japan but also in Western countries, South Korea, and China.
I think the reason is that the character of anime and games is close in their daily life.

In the event, cosplayer enjoys appearing in their costume and taking a photo.
Also, they can make many friends and exchange their information.
It is one of fun in the cosplay.


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