Nov 22, 2011

Interesting Japanese custom Vol.25 "The Maid Cafe in Japan"

Hi, I'm Takeuchi from the Shimbashi Business Garden.
The maid cafe is the cafe which a staff in maid's uniform entertains the customer
Many maid cafes have been open in Akihabara from several years ago.
And it became popular all over the country
Recently, It is not only in Japan but can also be found in China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Although only a few people are going there before, it became to be the one of tourist spots now.
We can not only meet the maid but also enjoy playing games together in some spots.
Is it the reason why this shop's popular that allows people to spend time with lovely Ms. Maid and she accepts what we ask in virtual space?

I have also been there only once.
It was very fun.
Is it also the one of the culture in Japan?


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