Aug 17, 2011

Sumida River Fireworks Festival -The Festival and Event in Japan ⑥-

Hi, I'm Haru at Shinjuku Business Garden.
Today, I'm talking about "Sumida River fireworks Festival".

Nationally famous, Sumida River fireworks colorful summer nights in Tokyo.
The Ryogoku Fireworks Festival is the oldest fireworks festivals for
which historical records exist.
More than 20,000 from the number of fireworks. Will also be relayed by TV Tokyo.
Sumida River Fireworks was started to mourn the victims of famine and cholera
that occurred in 1732.

-Sumida River Fireworks Festival-
Date: Aug.27 (Sat)
※The festival will be cancelled in case of rain.
Time: 7:0

5 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: Sumida River (at two sites).

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