Aug 5, 2011


Hello、this is masa at Shibuya Business Garden.

The 'yukata' is a light cotton 'kimono'.
It's a very simple garment, unlike the 'kimono' proper,
and is a common sight on a summer evening.
It is worn by both men and women.

The 'yukata' is ideal for relaxing in at home, for sleeping in,
or for evening strolls. It is sometimes worn a 'haori'(half coat).

Both men and women should wear the 'yukata' with the left side
over the right (right over left is used for dressing corpses).

There are no buttons or zips; the 'yukata' is held together by an 'obi'
or sash. Make sure the 'obi' is tied neatly, and that the 'yukata'
does not flap open at the front.

Unless you want to be laughed at, wear 'geta' (high wooden sandals) or
'zori' (straw sandals), not shoes, with your 'yukata'.



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