Aug 23, 2011

Interesting Japanese custom⑭“The standing up- eating restaurant”

Hello, this is Takeuchi from the Shimbashi business garden.

There are a lot of restaurants without sitting at the table in Japan.
When we are very busy and don't have much time, we often eat Soba or Udon (Japanese noodles) etc.

These kinds of restaurants were originally made for the workers who came to the city from the country side.
They needed to eat hurriedly and cheaply.
However, the restaurant which they eat has neither a table nor a chair.
So, they are standing up while eating their meal.
Now, this custom remains for the person who wants to eat quickly and hurriedly.

There is also a noodle stand in our company's group.
There are about 50 kinds of menu in this stand.
And every week, new menus are on debut.
The foreigners who came to Japan are very much pleased.
If there is a chance to go to Nihonbashi, please visit there by all means!


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