Aug 29, 2016

Oshima report 1

Hello everyone!!!

I'm Natsumi from Shinbashi business garderden :-)

I will tell you my little adventure in Tokyo.

I went to Oshima in weekend !!!

Oshima, you can go about 2 hour from tokyo.
and you can feel so relaxing slow life :-)

there are really peaceful and so many kindest people!!

today, i will tell you "Ahitaba(明日葉)" 
is the vegetable.

and if you pick them all today, tomorrow you can pick the new leaf.
so they are really full of vitality!!!

"Ashita" means "tomorrow" ,"Ba" means "leaf"so if you translate directly,
"Tomorrow leaf"!!!! hahahahaha

You can eat it Tempra with noodles!!!

to be continue.....


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