Nov 11, 2014

Trick or Treaters!

Hello! This is Takashima from Business Garden.

I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween weekend at the end of last month! Shibuya, where Shibuya Business Garden is located, was packed with people wearing costumes on the Friday and Saturday as many of you probably saw them on the news.

I've done a lot of costumes and parties for the last ten years or so, but this year I stayed home not even worrying about buying cookies and chocolates for trick or treaters knocking on my door (Trick or treating is not common in Japan.)

The only thing that made my day something special on that day is this sweet gift on my desk from my sweet coworker : )

Look at these drawings! Oh my gosh it's so cute isn't it? ; )

It reminded me of fun Halloween memories in the states and made me feel warm : )

Have a nice week!

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