Nov 24, 2014

At the school festival of University, why were sold 500 yen of ballpoint pen very well?

Hello everyone.
I introduce what was interesting in a recent article I read.
As someone has been share this news in FaceBook, you might have seen it.

It is a story in the school festival of Showajoshi University.
The students who have attended the courses of "Entrepreneurship and Venture Business" put out the booths at the festival.
And I think it was great and I learned many things from this story.

First of all, the students invested their money to their booth business.
If  they gained a profit,  they got money, but If the loss, it is a system that bear on their own. I think it is a good system because they become seriously concerning the money.

The second point is advice from mentors who was working in actual business.
In stationery shop that has been considered a disadvantage than food and beverage booths, the students sold a lot of ordinary 2-color ballpoint pen priced ¥ 500.

For questions from the mentor of 'what kind of things are effective at moving people', this is the result of thought.

I think this kind of thought is very important!
Actually, while I also read an article, I've thought hard and whether there is something bright idea,
My imagination is poor, I didn't reach to good idea.

I share this article, so please have a look !

’At the school festival of University, why were sold 500 yen of ballpoint pen very well?’
writen by Takaaki Yasuda 
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