Oct 10, 2014

Nakaminato Seafood Market

Hi,this is Sakura from Yotsuya Business Garden.

Do you like seafood?
I went to Nakaminato Seafood Market in Ibaraki to eat fresh seafood with my friend last month.
We ate kaisen-don for lunch.(I ate a left one named Makanai-don.)
Looks so delicious, doesn't it?
After lunch, we went around looking at the shops in the market.
There were many seafood shops so you can buy many kinds of souvenirs here.
Also, you can eat fresh seafood at that place such as oysters, clams, pacific saury and so on.
I chose a big size of oyster! It was creamy and tasty.
My friend chose a clambake. It smelled really good!
Actually, I wanted to eat it too, but was already full... so the next time, I'll try it!

Have a nice weekend!


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