Aug 27, 2014

A long-established Sobaya, Ueno Yabu Soba     

Hi, this is Shibuya Business Garden.

It's been already a week from Bon vacation and August is almost over.

Instead of going back to my parents' house this year, I had soba almost every day
during the pat Bon vacation.  Some already know that I am a soba lover:-)

It was raining the day I visited this long established Sobaya called Ueno Yabu Soba.

Good thing is that there was no waiting line on this day.

Do you see a man who demonstrates soba making started working in the window?

A foreign lady group was enjoying soba lunch at the time I went, and
taking some pictures of his demonstration.

What I ate?
Seiro, cold soba, with big shrimp tempra!!

I am seriously planning to go to Nagano prefecture just to eat soba in the near future.
They have good quality of soba.  I can't forget how delicious it was.......
I could eat soba 3 times a day in Nagano:P

<Ueno Yabu Soba>
6-9-16 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo

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