Jul 23, 2013

My favorite restaurants in Tokyo ④ 'Yamaneko-ken'

Hello, this is Meg from Business Garden Yotsuya Annex.

I introduce you one of my favorite French restaurants in Asagaya of Chuo-line.
This is named 'Yamaneko-ken' that mean wildcat house.

The chef likes organic vegetables, meats, wines. Especially, vegetables are very fresh, and tasty.
Honestly, wines are not so rich taste, but not bad.

’Yamaneko-ken' is the 3rd and 4th floor of  the building called 'Laputa'.
'Laputa' has a small theater and a movie theater, and it looks like an ancient space craft in the novel. Maybe it looks like a 'Castle in the Sky, Raputa' in the movie of Miyazaki Hayao.

I like this strange building and dishes in the restaurant!
Please check it on their web-site.


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