Jul 15, 2013

My favorite restaurants in Tokyo ③ LA BETTOLA da Ochiai

Hello, This is Meg from Yotsuya Business Garden.
How are you doing in this extremely hot days?
I think Japan is not located in the temperate zone anymore, maybe tropical zone.

Anyway, I recommend a good Italian restaurant named LA BETTOLA da Ochiai.

LA BETTOLA da Ochiai is one of very famous Italian restaurant as an  always fully booked restaurant of Tokyo in several years ago. 
Now, he runs several  restaurants in Tokyo and the other prefecture, and  the restaurant of Ochiai Chef in Seibu Department store is not so difficult to reserve a table .

I like his today's recommend Antipasto. 
You can enjoy eating many foods but also watching beautiful  decorated plate.

Plesae try this!


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