Jul 30, 2013


Hello! This is Takashima from Shinjuku Business Garden.

It's been a little cooler these days, and I hope you all had a great weekend!

Perhaps some of you remember that I talked about the best potato pancake at a Korean restaurant in Shin-Okubo where my coworker and clients at Shinjuku Business Garden took me after work.

I went to the same restaurant, Karakaze, with my best friend from elementary school to celebrate her engagement on last weekend!

We had the potato pancake, sliced pork belly soaked in red wine, stir fried rice cake, and Magkeolli (Korean alchoholic beverage made from rice) this time!

Needless to say, everything was fantastic, and I was glad that she loved it too!

Congrats to my friend and have a great rest of the week everyone! : )

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