Apr 10, 2013


Hi, Thiis Miiki from Shibuya Business Garden.

Did everyone try ramen in Japan?
There are people addicted to ramen, and they even eat ramen
3 times a day.  

Japanese ramen is a wheat noodle with fish or chicken based broth
flavored soy sauce, miso, shio etc.
They come with varieties of topping such as sliced pork,
boiled egg, dried seaweed....and many others!

Japanese ramen got really popular dish in other countries these days.
Like in New York, there is Ippudo which is well known for its
tonkotu, pork born broth, ramen.

People eat ramen kind of quick and go, but they take very long time
eating ramen in overseas.
Don't they worry that noodle will stretch out while taking time to eat?

I do not eat ramen often, but once in a while I just can't help having it.
Waitress: Would you like large helping of ramen? It's free for the limited time!
Me: Oh why not? I'll have one:P

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