Apr 23, 2013

Reading on a train

Hello everyone!

This is Takashima from Shinjuku Business Garden.

Long train commutes are stressful, but reading books is one of a few things that we can enjoy while we're on a train. I love reading books, especially those by Japanese authors. So after coming back to Japan, I enjoy reading books whenever I have some time to kill. Currently I'm reading a novel called ''1Q84'' written by Haruki Murakami, one of the most famous authors in contemporary Japanese literature. The book was published about 3 years ago and immediately became a big hit throughout the world. As the author says that it's the longest story among all the book he's written so far, it consists of 6 volumes in total. I'm still reading the first volume, but I'm already so into the unique perceptions of the characters and can't wait to read it on my way back home tonight!

Have a wonderful rest of the day and see you on the next Tuesday!

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