Mar 21, 2013

Kawara soba Dining


This is Ryoko from Yotsuya Business Garden.

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo are going to be in full bloom tomorrow!

There are so many places to enjoy them. 
Especially I recommend Shinjyuku-Gyoen, a national garden with a huge park area.

People love to eat and drink alcohol under the cherry blossoms.
It is one of the exciting events in Japan.

By the way, I went to a cafe/restaurant Kawara Dining in Shibuya.

They serve "Kwara soba" (Green tea noodles fried on the heated kawara plates).

This is a local specialty of Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
I was born in shimonoseki so I used to eat it as dinner.

Do you know what "kawara" is?

It's a part of the Japanese traditional roof!!

I don't know the origin of using kawara as a tool to eat noodles.

If you are interested in Kawara soba, there are some restaurants in Tokyo.

See you next Thursday!


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See you on next Thursday!!


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