Mar 7, 2013

Cats Gallery!


This is Ryoko from Yotsuya Business Garden.

I found a really cute shop in Tsukishima the other day.

It's called "Neko ya"(means Cats shop)

The cat motif goods welcome us to come in. 

Wow!Cats everywhere!!

It's like a heaven for a cat lover.

I probably spent an hours here....

It took me away from everyday life.

See you next Thursday!


Feel free to contact us.

See you on next Thursday!!


Yotsuya Business Garden
8-37 Sanei-cho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0008
TEL:03-3358-1913 FAX:03-3358-1914(Outside of Japan:+81-3-3358-1913)
-Office Hours-
Weekdays 9:00-20:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays):Closed

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