Apr 15, 2012


Hello, everyone.
How are you doing?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.
It's too bad that the sakura season is over.
But let me introduce you something as pretty as sakura is.
Have you heard about moss phlox( Shibazakura)?
It's like a usual lawn with tiny pink flowers.
When moss phlox start blossoming, the ground suddenly turn from green carpet to pink carpet.
It's so pretty and amazing to realize the pink carpet is made of bunch of tiny piece of flowers.
I took above photo when I paid a visit to the Hitsujiyama park in Chichibu 2 years ago.
The high season for moss phlox in the Histujiyama park is from early April to early May.
Chichibu is close from the center of Tokyo. I guarantee you it's worth a visit there to enjoy the pink carpet.
Hope you have a smooth week.
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